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Data Scientist for the development of a personalized content recommender algorithm

The cultural broadcasting archive (cba.media) is Austria’s largest podcasting platform and provides an independent infrastructure for non-profit media production.
We have received funding for the creation of a recommender system for the platform and are looking for a Data Scientist to help us implement it as soon as possible.


Based on the use case „Relevant content for employees“, you will design and implement an algorithm that should automatically create a knowledge base on the topic using the existing database. The algorithm should provide personalized suggestions for similar content on the platform depending on a user’s search behavior and should be able to filter and sort recommendations according to relevance. In a second stage, the recommender should be tested for bias, and appropriate bias mitigation measures applied.


  • Experience in Natural Language Process (NLP), in particular:
    • text mining
    • topic modelling
    • information extraction
  • Experience in developing recommender systems
  • Ability to work flexibly and independently
  • Experience with elastic search would be a plus

We offer

  • Fixed term employment for the period of one year,
  • 2,200 € net salary, paid out 14x per year, with a 300 € Home Office lump sum
  • Part-time work may also be possible
  • Remote working opportunity
  • An interesting task with a rapidly growing database (more than 130,000 podcasts so far, more than 10,000 contributions per year) and a lively community with more than 1,000 active producers and more than 2 mio. visitors per year.


Contact office@cba.media until December 12, 2022

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