Elections 2016 I liberal democracies in crisis?

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The Bologna System and its Implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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In Focus: Human Rights
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Jingle UnityShow 2016
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Unity Show: LET´S CEE Film Festival
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Tomislav Kezarovski: imprisoned for journalistic work
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Is sport only a game?
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Fifi Janevski : LGBTQ+ rights in balkans

It has been a month since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. What has been the impact of these elections on the Balkan countries and the European Union and what repercussions are we already experiencing in these countries? Is the model of liberal democracy in Europe in crisis and what are the symptoms of such a development? These are some of the questions the twelve producers of UnityShow are posing in the fourth edition of the show. The programme consists of four reportages that were produced between 28 November and 2 December 206 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first radio piece deals with hate speech as part of election campaigns on the Balkans. In a series of interviews with experts from the region the journalists are trying to find out where freedom of speech ends and where hate speech beginns. The second reportage is dedicated to fake news and offers advise in how to recognize fake websites. The third radio piece deals with election irregularities in the Western Balkan countries and provides examples about how voters are pressured to vote in favour of certain parties. The fourth reportage is dedicated to the presidential elections in Austria. It tries to find out which candidate the members of the former Yugoslav diaspora are supporting and why.

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