Behind the scenes ep. 01 with British conductor Leo McFall

Behind the scenes
  • Behind the scenes ep. 01

British conductor Leo McFall talks about leadership, time management, musical energy, on challenges on and off stage and the life of a conductor in general.

00:00 jingle fo BTS by Matej Sloboda
00:27 intro
01:57 Eugen Cicero. Slawischer Tanz. (A. Dvořák)
04:58 Leo McFall – background and professional path
10:20 A. Dvořák. Symphony nr.9/3mvmt. conductor: Ivan Fischer
17:36 Leo McFall – how to prepare a musical piece, studying process
20:41 E. Elgar. Enigma variations. Theme and 1st variation
24:05 Leo McFall – how to progress, musical energy, rehearsal and concert: challenges and difference of working energy, time management, choice of repertory
29:30 M.Krajči. Tíšiny vzkriesenia. violin: Milan Paľa
36:10 Leo McFall – relation to contemporary art, its features, qualities
41:05 A. Berg. Lulu´s song. voice: A. Prohaska
43:35 Leo McFall – differences and challenges of conducting opera and symphonic, relax and recharge, life and time organization of freelancing conductor
53:08 Stroon. You promised the Swelter would Yield.

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