The Message of Toni Morrison to Black European Women in Austria

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For the first time this audio interview made in English by Cameroonian Journalist simon INOU in 2006 is published today… 13 years later. And it is not old…

Vienna, November 20th, 2006, – As part of her visit to Vienna, and despite an overcrowded schedule, Toni Morrison met black women from Vienna and Lower Austria today.

The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature talked for more than 90 minutes about various topics concerning black people in Austria. Nine black women told her about the problems and challenges of blacks in Austria. They talked about racism, anti-racism, human rights, international networking of black women and the self-organisation and self-encouragement of black women.

Ms. Morrison was enthusiastic about the commitment of her interviewees and encouraged them to define all problems and to really fight them at their roots. This should take place with all willing and engaged partners.

Full of energy for her age (75), Prof. Morrison shared important experiences from her own life. The tireless „moral conscience of the USA“ also showed herself willing to support the work of Black Women in Austria through international contacts: „Nobody will fight for you in your place. You have to take your future into your own hands and don’t forget that your work is a long-term one“.

Black Austrian women were very happy about this meeting and are happy to implement some of Mrs. Morrison’s ideas….

simon INOU –


Toni Morrison and Black Austrian Women in Vienna - Toni Morrison met 9 Black Austrian Women in Vienna ind November 2006. Picture: simon INOU,
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