Agroforestry in Samburu – Part 2

Snapshots From The Borders
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42:15 Min.
"Amazonas Akut" - The Tribuna Festival 22
58:44 Min.
Indigenous Resistance against Destruction of the Amazon Rainforrest
48:00 Min.
Threats and Challenges of Indigenous Women in the Amazon.
1 Std. 59:52 Min.
Translation between Cosmovisions: Socio-cultural Threats of the Samburu of Northern Kenya.
50:50 Min.
Agroforestry in Samburu - Part 1
1 Std. 00 Sek.
Translation of the Arabic poem
45:51 Min.
Snapshots from Sprachenfest #2
59:30 Min.
Migrant Crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina
51:01 Min.
Snapshots from Sprachenfest #1

Throughout one hour of journey with Peninah we dive into deeper knowledge about life of Maasai and implementation of her agroforestry project. In this edition of Snapshots from the borders we present you second part of Peninah’s sharings – first part can be listened in our March edition of Snapshots from the borders show

Peninah brought recordings from people singing prayers for the rain to come and for her agroforestry project to be successful. We discuss plastic waste problematic in Samburu and more. You are going to hear an hour of exploration of Walther and Gea in talk with Peninah with Kenyan music in between.

Animals are our walking ATMs.

We work together and we grow together.

On this link you can access the documentary video about the implementation of agroforestry project by Peninah.

Extra listening: Peninah visited her family in Samburu county in 2021 as well taking the recorder with her. And what she brought back is formed into an inspiring show about  Peninah’s other projects, woman empowerment, like reusable sanitary towels, horticulture and seeds, bead work, jewellery. We will listen to stories about the wild dogs, children and politics.

Photo credits: Walther Moser

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