Achille Mbembe in Vienna, Austria – Listen to all lectures

  • 01freshVibes-Spezial-31Aug2022-AchilleMbembe_in_Wien-Teil1
  • 02freshVibes-Spezial-1Sept2022-AchilleMbembe_in_Wien-Teil2
  • 03freshVibes-Spezial-1Sept2022-AchilleMbembe_in_Wien-Teil3
12:18 Min.
Afreeka Luv Festival 2023: Interview with DJ Taff (english)
20:57 Min.
freshVibes Archiv aus 2002: Steirischer Journalistenpreis für Dritte-Welt-Berichterstattung an simon INOU, Regina Strassegger und Ralf Leonhard
56:56 Min.
freshVibes 049: Lollipop und die African Society der wiener diplomatischen Akademie
55:01 Min.
freshvibes 048: Olivette Otele in Österreich - Solomon Okpurukhre - Anna Gaberscik
1 Std. 27 Sek.
freshVibes Special Olivette Otele in Vienna: The entire book presentation in English
1 Std. 46:55 Min.
freshVibes-Spezial: Olivette Otele präsentiert Afrikanische Europäer. Eine unerzählte Geschichte
56:49 Min.
freshvibes 047: Black Austrian Awards 2022 / 4. Geburtstag
57:02 Min.
Black Austrian Awards 2022 - Die ganze Veranstaltung zum Nachhören
2 Std. 53:37 Min.
Podcast zum World Black History Month 2023 - Kick Off in Österreich
56:23 Min.
Black History Month - Yes She Can Mentoring - Ishraga Mustafa Hamid

Between August 31st until September 2nd 2022, Dr. Achille Mbembe, political theorist, and public intellectual who is a research professor in history and politics at the Wits Institute for Social and Economy Research at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa was in Vienna, Austria. He was invited by AFRIEUROTEXT and fresh Magazine to deliver lectures on the topics of Restitution, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation during the 3RRR Kitong-Kiass international symposium at AFRIEUROTEXT (Day 1) and at CEU Central European University (Day 2 and Day 3). You can download the entire program here as pdf file.

Here are the audio files to listen to:

  • First Day: Achille Mbembe on his thinking and writing, A conversation with Daniel Bitouh
  • Day two: Achille Mbembe on Restitution, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation with Q&A
  • Day three: Achille Mbembe meets the African Diaspora in Austria, Conclusion of the international Symposium

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