#14: What about the carbon footprint of Radio Helsinki?

Unpolluted On Air
  • Carbon footprint of Radio Helsinki
40:34 Min.
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New, fresh, (produced with how much carbon footprint?) October edition of the Unpolluted on Air Podcast of RadioActivism team from Radio Helsinki. We reveal the hard facts – numbers and personal contributions to a more or less of the carbon footprint of Radio Helsinki and its employees.
Going by bike or by car – What does Tamara say? Manfred talks about printing flyers, Valerie introduces the broadcasting bike. We ask ourselves what all we have to take into account when calculating carbon footprint, so we invited Rainer Maichin, the radiomaker of the show about the simplest energy-saving and sustainability measures called „morgen“ („tomorrow“) for an interview. We take a look at the bills and numbers of Radio Helsinki asking him how much impact does the fact that at Radio Helsinki we use „Naturstrom“ – green electricity (electrical energy that is generated from renewable sources) have.


Podcast team: Nicolas, Leila, Theresa, Mirza, Gea

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