Dropzity live zu Gast bei lAud

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„Melodic Rock“ aus Deutschlandsberg bei Bernhard Kern in der Musiksendung mit dem speziellen Fokus auf die österreichische Musikszene, lAud!


„The history of Dropzity begins with the formation of the band Medic, which was initiated by the guitarist Bastian Buchinger. The oldest members of Dropzity, Christoph Deutsch and Sebastian Wurm met when Christoph joined Medic in the year 2005. They became friends and improved their playing those with Medic. The band started to gain high profile in Austria and stayed for three moths at the first place in the downloading charts of the website „musikdirektion.at“. The band played numerous shows all over Austria and had already a little fan base then. A first album was planned and a record contract seemed to be within reach, but their singer Simone Leski got an inflammation of her vocal chords and the band had to cancel numerous shows and the appointment when the album should have been recorded. The band never recovered.
Medic tried with some other vocalists to come back but there where no more releases or live shows of the band.
Regina Lampl, now the singer of Dropzity, was the last vocalist of the band Medic when they split in middle of the year 2010.
Then Regina, Christoph and Sebastian were looking for a new guitarist. A friend told them that he would know someone, so they met Patrick Koller. His style and his playing convinced them at the first audition. They wrote the song „the hardest part“ right away.
Even though the history of the band Medic is important for the origin of Dropzity, their music has nothing in common. The aim of Dropzity is to bring together a lot of different influences and to create a fresh and unique sound.“


 Meh Infos zur Band gibt es hier: DROPZITY

…und nicht vergessen: “Immer schön lAud hör’n!“

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