1. a(rt) platform: Introduction

a(rt) platform
  • 1. a(rt) platform: Introduction
30:32 Min.
3. a(rt) platform: Anamarija Batista über Zwang und Lohnarbeit
20:41 Min.
2. a(rt) platform : Vina Yun über Homestories

Carina and Lea introduce their podcast and examine how the artistic and collective publishing of alternative publication media is used as a vehicle by critical non-Western, migrant, and post-migrant voices to promote visibility and belonging.

The activist publications Aquarium (Patu), Borrowed Faces (Fehras Publishing Practices), Homestories (Vina Yun), Migrazine (maiz) and Perilla Zine (Perilla Verein) articulate how socio-political and cultural interdependencies can lead to recurring stereotypes and discrimination patterns as they reflect on social interactions and the need for fundamental changes in perspective. These publications will be an essential part of the podcast.

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