Differences between African and Western Leaders

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  • Differences between African and Western Leaders
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Many might argree with me that the differences between African and Western political leaders are clear. But we have to learn from the comparison, if we want a change in Africa.

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  1. Goodmorning dear , and how are you ? I really admired and enjoyed you discussions and exactly with much points of leaders been true. . Like talking about democracy, is really just on paper and not in practical. Again , until offices like the following are moved out from appointments by government and be indipendent, our democracy is in vaine: 1. Judiciary 2. Military 3. Prison 4. Police and few others. As since these appointments are made by President, they are loyal to the president And not the people of the country. And in terms of corruption, you guys were right on track. As brown envelopes are pads for contracts to be awarded or kicked backs. are set . The corruption has been encouraged by what we called percentage. . A lot of these . Countries are curruppt even in the first world but their are limitations. But in Africa it’s an approved law now. I do appreciate and will comment more in subsequent programgs . My only appeal here is i would luv the moderator trying to adjust from much laughing to make more seriousness to the programme. But on the whole it’s well produced. Thanks so much . God bless.


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