Poetry Cafe 169: North West Scotland (1)

Poetry Cafe
  • Poetry Cafe 169: North West Scotland (1)
51:59 Min.
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NW Scotland (1)

Playlist: texts read & music played

1. ‘Over the Hills…’ (18thc. Scottish melody)
2. Hugh Macdiarmid: ‘The Watergau’ (1925)
3. Norman MacCaig: ‘The mountains swirl water…’
4. A.C. Mackenzie: Violin Concerto (Allegro non troppo)
5. John Ruskin: ‘Of Truth of Clouds’ (in ‘Modern Painters’, Vol. 1)
6. Walter Scott: from ‘Lord of the Isles’ (Canto III)
7. Osgood Mackenzie: ‘A Hundred Years in the Highlands’ (1921)
8. ‘Mist-Covered Mountains’ (Gordon Highlanders)
9. Report of the Napier Commission (1880)
10. Iain Crichton Smith: ‘The thistles climb the thatch…’
11. Walter Scott: ‘The Lay of the Last Minstrel’ (1805)
12. Hamish MacCunn: ‘Land of the Mountain and the Flood’
13. Donald Cameron: ‘The Field of Sighing’
14. Norman MacCaig: ‘Summer Farm’ (1953)
15. Psalm of the Crofter (two English versions from Gaelic)
16. Norman MacCaig: ‘Highland Ceilidh’
17. ‘Go on, lads’ (Gaelic mouth music)
18. Alistair MacLeod: from ‘No Great Mischief’ (1999)
19. ‘My love is like a red, red rose’ (melody only)
20. William Ross: ‘Song of Lament’ & ‘Oran Eile’
21. William Ross: ‘Song to Summer’
22. ‘Morning has Broken’ (Cat Stevens)
23. Letter in the Ross-shire Journal (1880s)
24. ‘An Fhideag Airgid’ (Karen Matheson)
25. Derick Thomson: ‘Herring Girls’
26. Iain Crichton Smith: ‘The Herring Girls’
27. Norman MacCaig: ‘The Falls of Measach’
28. From Ratcliffe Barnett on NW Scotland
29. William Wordsworth: ‘The Solitary Reaper’
30. ‘Ye Jacobites by name’ (Quadriga Consort)
31. Granville Bantock: Hebridean Symphony (opening)

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