Worklab 2023 – conversation with Nicholas Crockford (Tactical Tech) on funding application

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30:00 Min.
Netzrauschen #028 | Buttonfestival 2023
1 Std. 50 Sek.
Worklab 2023 - Fabricio Lamoncha on ‘Digital Weeds - Interstitial Interfaces’
1 Std. 05:45 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Valentina Pettinger, Nina Hoffer TypInfrauenschreiben*wiki (NOWA)
59:12 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Jean-Frédéric Berthelot on ‘Describing video games, the Wikidata way’
33:11 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Martin Nadal on ‘Obfuscating our presence / parasitizing infrastructures’
48:47 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Karl Voit (Life Hacker) on ‘the art of organizing yourself and your data’
42:49 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Andreas Zingerle on MAYAN electronic document management system
27:38 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Evelyn Tschernko and Sebastián Palacios on three artistic archiving strategies
29:10 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Ricardo Ginés on ‘Archiving as an art form’ (Otlet and Avram)

Conversation with Nicholas Crockford (Tactical Tech) on funding application for the mur-worklab 21-24.6.2023 @ KIG in Graz (Austria).

This program is part of the project series “Aaron´s Law” that includes various artistic-technical projects dedicated to Aaron Swartz and developed in close cooperation with ACOnet/net:art coordination center. Along with Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, Aaron Swartz is considered one of the most important Internet activists to date, who strongly shaped and influenced the development of the Internet in his short lifetime. As a programmer and advocate for the Open Access Movement, Net Neutrality and civic awareness, he defended the exchange of information constructively across geographic borders via the web. Aaron Swartz was conscious about the immense meaning of the words open access, open source and net neutrality for the creative development of art, design as well as science. 10 years after his death, we want to revisit what exactly happened and where are we standing today. Who is involved in these thought processes or is that all just wishful thinking?

For years the work-lab is a core format in the artistic research program of ‘’. Worklabs are “un-conferences” that can last for several days, to which people are invited to participate via a public open call. Work-labs create a temporary space in which artists (= specialists in the field of technology, design, art, etc.) and external guests can discuss topics from the field of digital technology, art and its social implications. The work-labs are both incubators for specific work and open think tanks where ideas, tools, as well as practical and creative approaches are developed and tested.

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