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  • Life, Oh Life!
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Songs for the End of a Long Winter
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In which I mean to play some songs about spring but get a little distracted by songs about mining, choral music, fado, a lullaby. Featuring Blaze Foley, Arvo Pärt, Fairouz, Charlie Chaplin, Jewish-Viennese composer Hermann Leopoldi and more…

I called the episode ‚Life, Oh Life,‘ after the Romanian song which I play two different renditions of in this episode, but it appears a more accurate translation would be “World, World“:

World, world, sister world
When will I have enough of you?
World, sister world
When I give up bread for Lent
And the glass will give up on me
World, sister world
Maybe then I’ll have enough of you
When they hammer the nails on my coffin
World, sister world
When they put me in my grave
And I won’t be on earth anymore
World, sister world
‚Cause that’s how the world is, transient
One is born, another dies
World, sister world
The born one suffers
The dead one rots
World, sister world


1. Spring Song – Charlie Chaplin
2. Lume, Lume – Maria Tănase
3. Horila Sosna (Four Slovak folk songs) – Železiar
4. Miner’s Dream – Nora Brown
5. Bill Dooley – Paul Clayton
6. Llef – Rhos Male Voice Choir
7. Psalm 117 – Arvo Pärt, performed by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
8. Maria da Graça – Carlos Ramos
9. The Moonlight Song – Blaze Foley
10. Schlummerlied – Zarah Leander
11. Die Welt in hundert Jahren – Hermann Leopoldi and Betja Milskaja
12.  Za tú horú, za vysokú – Marie Freiová and Jana Hojdová
Bint El Shalabiya – Fairuz
14. Lume, Lume – Fanfare Ciocarlia

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