„It could easily have gone the other way“ The Pylos 9 are free. But How?

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20:55 Min.
Who is afraid of the ECtHR ?
35:21 Min.
"We don't need walls, we don't need doors" A look at the decaying rule of law in Turkey.
43:51 Min.
"The prosecution never brings big evidence" A look back at the Moria 35 Trail.
32:14 Min.
What's going on with the Vastria camp on Lesbos?: A look at the past and the possible futures of migrant detention in Greece.
34:48 Min.
Turkey: A safe third country ? Part 2: "It is worse then Prison". The Pre-Removal Centers in Turkey
41:44 Min.
Turkey: A safe third country ? Part 1: "When you increase the control, you also increase the un-comfortability of the population"
36:13 Min.
"It's a little overwhelming sometimes" A portrait of Welcome Office Lesbos in three colours.
52:48 Min.
Locked up for for crossing the sea: Arbitrary Criminalization of Migrants
53:44 Min.
Who is responsible for the Pylos shipwreck? Part 2.

On the 24th of May the Pylos 9 stood trail in the court of Kalamata. These 9 were put on this trail in order to to hold them responsible for the shipwreck that occurred in Pylos last year, where over 600 people lost their lives. It was yet another show trail on behalf of the Greek authorities, as it was established mere days after the shipwreck that the people on board were not responsible, but the Hellenic Coastguard was. Usually these trails end in a conviction regardless of the amount of evidence brought to court. But in this instance, the got to walk free. But how? Together with Lorraine Leete, Vicky Angelidou, and Marion Bouchetel from Legal Centre Lesbos we will go over the trail itself, the defense strategy and the condition of the defendants. Legal Center was part of the defense team and the „Free the Pylos 9“ campaign that preceded the trail.


Last year I made a two episode podcast on the Pylos shipwreck where I investigate the true cause through interviews with various experts in their respective fields and compiling the available information.

Part 1: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4PT5vBDoiMDmrpVoGsMgaF?si=7a5cfa359eb14cef

Part 2: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1Va5iOQiflPHbeBPYhEl4T?si=f4237802158247cd

More info on Legal Center Lesbos: https://legalcentrelesvos.org/


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