When we talk about archives and archiving in European Community Media we face similar challenges in all countries: There is a lot of content being produced and broadcasted every minute on European Community Radios. What happens with the radio content after being broadcasted? Most of the radio stations invented their own algorithms and software to store their radio shows offline and/or republish them online – some radios have build up complex file-structures on their hard disks, some coded an automatic upload for programmes on their website, some use central archiving platforms like the Cultural Broadcasting Archives, others administrate a handful of “satellite” Website that collect programmes, interviews and reports with special interest.

With the conference „Radio Archives in European Community Media“ we want to encourage people involved in community radio, community media archiving processes and multi-media archiving to explore current practices on archiving in their stations, invent new community dynamics to share content and to raise awareness for archiving processes.

Present and share your Infrastructure solutions:
With the conference we would like to exchange different ways of how community radio stations are dealing with its output. What infrastructures to archive audio material is available for non-commercial community radios? Which innovative techniques and tools exist? Which new solutions are in use to organize and display audio-visual content?

Archiving Methods and Archiving Culture:
Another challenge is the implementation of archiving as an essential part of doing radio within the community. Many radio programmers until today are concentrated on their “on air” show – but, who is doing the archiving then? Who describes the programme? Where is the programme being stored and/or published? How is the material edited after broadcasting?

The responsibility to archive:
We share discussions about how to deal with different languages within the archiving context. Further we ask how can we enable programme and audio-material exchange within Europe? We want to know your opinion about, what importance have analog, physical archives within the digital age? We also address copyright questions and thoughts on the responsibility of open software and open knowledge in the field of multi-media Archives.


CAPTCHA – Creative Approaches to Living Cultural Archives is a European cooperation project of Radio FRO in Linz (Austria), Radio Corax in Halle/Saale (Germany), Center for Media and Communication Studies of the Central European University in Budapest (CEU, Hungary) and Near Media Co-Op, community radio & TV in Dublin (Ireland). During the conference there will take place the presentations of the european-wide study of CEU wrote about “Community Radio Archiving” and the presentation of the open source online tool UVisualize! for visualizing the content of archives.