“Art heals the society” – public debate about role of artists

Snapshots From The Borders
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42:15 Min.
"Amazonas Akut" - The Tribuna Festival 22
58:44 Min.
Indigenous Resistance against Destruction of the Amazon Rainforrest
48:00 Min.
Threats and Challenges of Indigenous Women in the Amazon.
1 Std. 59:52 Min.
Translation between Cosmovisions: Socio-cultural Threats of the Samburu of Northern Kenya.
51:45 Min.
Agroforestry in Samburu - Part 2
50:50 Min.
Agroforestry in Samburu - Part 1
1 Std. 00 Sek.
Translation of the Arabic poem
45:51 Min.
Snapshots from Sprachenfest #2
59:30 Min.
Migrant Crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina
51:01 Min.
Snapshots from Sprachenfest #1

“Art it is something that heals the society” – Peninah Lesorogol, artist, Samburu Beadshop

„Artists make the life more beautiful“ –Saifullahi Abdurrazak, artist, Radio Helsinki – Sounds of Africa Show

„I don’t need someone to recognize me as an artist to be an artist and second thing is – can I live from this and how I will live from this… it is a battlefield“ – Lidija Krienzer-Radojević, IG Kultur Steiermark

Those are just few of the quotes from intensive public debate about role of art and artists in society. Public debate was happening on 2nd of June at Marienplatz as part of program „The School of  the We“ organised by < rotor >.

Our team of Citizen Journalists packed recording equipment and spends afternoons in last weeks at Marienplatz recording discussions, lectures, music, vivid spirit of the surrounding area in collaboration with  artistic collective Minipogon from Belgrade.

DIE SCHULE DES WIR is an artistic, cultural and educational process that questions and at the same time supports the formation of a collective subject. It is about a feeling of belonging that encompasses both the human and the non-human and revolves around conviviality (a form of togetherness), interactions with the ecosystem and coexistence across species.

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