#11: Is it safe to jump and swim in the Mur river?

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Water. All around us in the form of rain, rivers, springs, toilet flush, plastic bottles. We all need it and use it. But do we know how much? In Austria the approximate consumption per person per day is 130l. Out of that we only drink 3 litres. And other litres of fresh drinkable water we flush down the toilet, let it flow while shampooing etc. Theresa, the new member that joined the RadioActivism team of Radio Helsinki Graz prepared a report on the water situation in Graz while Mirza, Gea and Nicolas invited Martin Regelsberger who is dedicated to the research in the field of water. We got to know about the importance of managing and storing rainwater, and the contribution of trees in the cities to the cooling effect through evaporation. Martin talks about the hot topic of the power plant on Mur river in Graz and its consequences connected to the quality of the river. As citizens we wondered what happens with the water from shower, kitchen? What effect does ecological detergent have on the water purification process? Is it safe to jump and swim in the Mur river? Turn the radio on, tune in, press play, close the water tap.

Creators: Mirza, Gea, Nicolas, Theresa, Benedikt


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