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Mr & Mrs K – at the end of the day!
  • Mr & Mrs K - at the end of the day TRAILER
29:44 Min.
S2E2 Budapest
29:46 Min.
S2E1_Mr & Mrs K_A Mini Moment
32:32 Min.
Episode 10_Hobbies & Creating People
29:50 Min.
Episode 9_RageRoom, Flies, Influenza & E-Cat
30:23 Min.
Episode 8 Our House & German Robot
29:56 Min.
29:46 Min.
Episode 6_Coming to Austria_Mr&MrsK
31:09 Min.
Mr&MrsK_Birthing in Dubai
30:23 Min.
Episode5_Mr&MrsK_Our Childhoods
26:52 Min.
Mr&Mrs K_E3_Wedding below zero

Hi there,
Being in love with someone foreign can sometimes feel so „out of the ordinary“ that you feel as though you’re  in love with an ALIEN ! What’s that? Oh yes, sometimes that person doesn’t even have to be foreign – I hear you sunshine!

This idea of ​​being married to an „alien“ was the inspiration for Mr & Mrs K, a podcast about a couple who met while working in Dubai. The two come from  totally different cultural backgrounds , one Austrian and the other from South Africa, and they go on to have 2 children and settle in the SALZKAMMERGUT region in Austria.

The podcast makes light of  everyday challenges  for example: raising 2 children and a cat, with different cultural belief systems (Santa Claus is coming to town – no he’s not! What! Why?? – Because Krampus is! Who’s that??).

We are Mr & Mrs K, AKA Alex & Michelle . We would love to hear your intercultural stories or your challenges being in a partnership or how you met, or moved countries – or whatever your story is! Just stop by and say hi only a few of us bite! promise

Lederhosn‘ meets Safa Girl
Falling in love with an „alien“? When two people meet who grew up 13,000 km apart from each other and have completely different cultural backgrounds, the completely foreign can trigger the feeling of being with an „alien“. 

Let yourself be taken on  the journey by Mr. & Mrs. K  – alias  Alex and Michelle from Altmünster : an  Upper Austrian and a South African  met and fell in love in Dubai. Here the two tell their story and shed light on their  cultural differences  and their everyday challenges in life with their two children and a cat.


The Kelly Family – Fell in love with an Alien

Mango Groove – Pennywhistle

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