Underground treasures in Turkey, Israel and France

Unsere Wunderwelten
  • Undergrond treasures in Bulgaria, Israel and France
51:11 Min.
Fein Stoff Licht
53:31 Min.
Friendship with nature
57:52 Min.
Underground treasures in Rumania & Bulgaria
50:31 Min.
WoW - Underground treasures - Giuseppe Pace
53:10 Min.
World of Wonders - Buddhism
53:54 Min.
Barbara Swetina - Musik in Findhorn
52:11 Min.
Wunderwelten - Zukunft
56:56 Min.
1. Earthship Österreichs
53:10 Min.
Visoko - Tal der Bosnischen Pyramiden

We are exploring underground treasures in Turkey, Israel and France.

Muge Akkar Ercan is part of the underground4value team and lives in Turkey. She talks about her experience as part of the coordination team and about projects using underground places in her country. The second interview partner is Preston Perluss, he is Associate Professor at the University of Grenoble and we talk about the underground tunnel system in Paris. His tremendous knowledge about this brings new insights to all listeners. The third perspective is given from the Israelian partner Dov Winer. He is completing the trio with his insights on the treasures of Israel. One of his specialties is how to deal with different stories from different cultures. and talks about his personal history in development of the internet.

More info about the project where the two museums cooperate you can find here: https://underground4value.eu/

Do you want to get to know info more about our work – visit us on www.wunderwelten.jetzt and find out about other people who do something out of joy.



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