unsafe+sounds: Pisitakun

unsafe+sounds 2023
  • ORANGE 94.0 Logging 2023-09-12 17:00
57:00 Min.
unsafe+sounds: Building a Community
1 Std. 15:00 Min.
unsafe+sounds: Auf der Suche nach dem Wir in der Diaspora
1 Std. 57:09 Min.
unsafe+sounds: Mangelnde Clubbräume - mangelnde Safe Spaces in Wien
1 Std. 57:08 Min.
unsafe+sounds: Sonic Politics of the Diaspora: Identity, Community, Revolt!

Liveeinstieg in das Set von Pisitakun und Vorschau auf das Diskursprogramm am Abend.


From Bangkok, Pisitakun has been weaving traditional Thai instrumentation together with pounding rhythms and rugged samples, building post-industrial noisescape since 2014. A large part of his inspiration lies in a frustration at his country’s political life and censorship rules, forging these protest songs to turn noise into fiery expressions of hope – and anger.

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