Turkey: A safe third country ? Part 1: „When you increase the control, you also increase the un-comfortability of the population“

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  • VC Mytilene IZMIR pt 1
35:21 Min.
"We don't need walls, we don't need doors" A look at the decaying rule of law in Turkey.
43:51 Min.
"The prosecution never brings big evidence" A look back at the Moria 35 Trail.
32:14 Min.
What's going on with the Vastria camp on Lesbos?: A look at the past and the possible futures of migrant detention in Greece.
34:48 Min.
Turkey: A safe third country ? Part 2: "It is worse then Prison". The Pre-Removal Centers in Turkey
36:13 Min.
"It's a little overwhelming sometimes" A portrait of Welcome Office Lesbos in three colours.
52:48 Min.
Locked up for for crossing the sea: Arbitrary Criminalization of Migrants
53:44 Min.
Who is responsible for the Pylos shipwreck? Part 2.
49:23 Min.
Who is responsible for the deaths at Pylos ? Part 1: “Everybody can see that this boat is not going to survive”
42:55 Min.
"He will destroy everything" Reflections on the Greek elections.

Since the EU-Turkey deal in 2016 the European Union claims Turkey is a „safe third country“ for migrants. And whilst this was always a questionable claim, in the last two years the situation has become increasingly worse for migrants in Turkey. Reports of overcrowded detention centers, xenophobic and racist prosecution   and increased reports of police hunting people in the street at an alarming rate especially in the last few months. In order to find out what is really happening on the other side of the Aegean Sea I went with fellow journalist Hibai Arbide to Izmir, the third biggest city in Turkey and main departure point for refugees trying to cross into Europe.

As we traveled through the city, we learned about it’s rich migration history and we spoke to activists, lawyers and media&advocacy experts working on the ground there to find out what is the current conditions of migrants and refugees in Turkey. And in order to answer the fundamental question: Is Turkey a safe third country for migrants?

This part deals with the background of recent migration in Turkey, the practical effect’s of the EU-Turkey deal in Izmir and the dramatic rise of racist and xenophobic violence.

This episodes were produced by Dirk Tobias Reijne in collaboration with Hibai Arbide Aza and Diyar Saraçoğlu for Von Unten and Radio VC Mytilini.


Lalalar – Abla Deme Lazım Olur
Yavuz Çetin – Dünya
Gaye Su Akyol – Bir Yaralı Kuştum
Kardes Turkuler – Daymohk
Journers – Dongum
State of dreaming – Frames
Gevende – Aglaya
Koma Rewsen – Reber
Ayyuka – Yukadans
Yaşar Kurt – Anne
Acid Arab (feat. Cem Yildiz) – Ejma
Barış Demirel – Gönül Yoldaşını Bulur
Alp Ersönmez – Suni Peyk
Selda Bağcan – Mapushanelerde Güneş Doğmuyor
Tuncer Ozalp – Welate
Barış Demirel – Ozlesem
Isyan Tetick – Patlamaya Devam (Bassboosted Remix)

Picture by Hibai Arbide Aza

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