How much is too much? Carrying capacities in Alpine tourism | Episode #4 of the speciAlps podcast series

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  • How much is too much? Carrying capacities in Alpine tourism | Episode #4 of the speciAlps podcast series
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From the Schrecksee lake in the Allgäu region of Germany to Hallstatt in Austria or Villnöss in Italy: the natural environment, local culture and geographically diverse habitats are the major attractions of mountain areas. In many destinations, tourist numbers are growing rapidly, which in turn puts pressure on local infrastructures, the environment and the population.

We have dedicated our fourth podcast episode to the important topic of carrying capacities in mountain tourism. The term “carrying capacity” describes the number of tourists that a destination can manage. It is used in several disciplines and in everyday language. The podcast can be listened to in either Italian or English.

With our speciAlps podcast series, we want to gather knowledge and contribute to the exchange of experiences across the Alps.

This project is being implemented by CIPRA International and the Alliance in the Alps network of municipalities. It is made possible by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety & Consumer Protection (BMUV).

For more information in English and all Alpine languages: and

The limits of tourism in the Alps are also discussed in the current episode of „Alpenrauschen“ – a german language podcast produced and presented by Paul Kuncio from CIPRA Austria:…enrauschen-podcast

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