„We don’t need walls, we don’t need doors“ A look at the decaying rule of law in Turkey.

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43:51 Min.
"The prosecution never brings big evidence" A look back at the Moria 35 Trail.
32:14 Min.
What's going on with the Vastria camp on Lesbos?: A look at the past and the possible futures of migrant detention in Greece.
34:48 Min.
Turkey: A safe third country ? Part 2: "It is worse then Prison". The Pre-Removal Centers in Turkey
41:44 Min.
Turkey: A safe third country ? Part 1: "When you increase the control, you also increase the un-comfortability of the population"
36:13 Min.
"It's a little overwhelming sometimes" A portrait of Welcome Office Lesbos in three colours.
52:48 Min.
Locked up for for crossing the sea: Arbitrary Criminalization of Migrants
53:44 Min.
Who is responsible for the Pylos shipwreck? Part 2.
49:23 Min.
Who is responsible for the deaths at Pylos ? Part 1: “Everybody can see that this boat is not going to survive”
42:55 Min.
"He will destroy everything" Reflections on the Greek elections.

In this episode of VC Mytilini, we take a look at how the current authoritarian regime impacts the rule of law in Turkey. With currently over 20 lawyers currently in jail, there was some expectation in what direction this podcast would go. However, that is only part of this episode, together with death and hope.

The guests today are 3 lawyers who are active in political organizations that frequently experience oppression by the Turkish State: Ceren and Fatih of the Progressive Lawyers Organization, and Fatma of Lawyers For Freedom. Fatih and Fatma are currently living and practicing law in Turkey. Ceren was forced into exile for her work, and is currently residing in Austria.

Both these organizations have been banned at various points throughout their existence for providing open and accessible legal assistance to marginalized groups. In addition they, like all other people in opposition to the current regime face intimidation, arbitrary arrests and other forms of repression on a daily basis.

Topic’s of this episode include the repression, protest, hunger strikes and what gives our guests the will to continue their struggle.

If you are interested to read more about the current situation in Turkey:

A recently released report by Ceren on the situation for PEN Norway: https://twitter.com/PEN_Norway/status/1767154303435710605?t=FCK_fMZ8yxZ7ZCBxggGshg&s=19

An overview of the situation: https://www.sessizkalma.org/en/defender/lawyers-progressive-lawyers-association

A report of the fact finding mission conducted last year in November: https://legalcentrelesvos.org/2024/03/05/new-report-examining-the-treatment-of-lawyers-deprived-of-their-liberty-and-prosecuted-in-turkey/


In order of appearance:

A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Turkish

Crowander – Turkish

Turku, Nomads of the Silk Road – Variations On A Kurdish Theme

Ehl-i Keyif – Kadifeden Kesesi

Ehl-i Keyif – Hüzzam Sazsemai “Nargile“

Ehl-i Keyif – Hicazkar “Yağcılar“ Zeybek

Trio Mandili –  Kakhuri

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