The idea behind Irina’s Special Mixtape is a simple one: songs that „work“ together and not only complement each other, but build upon one another, in order to create, if not a whole story, an emotion, a „feel“, a thought.

The one-hour-long shows are being broadcast every Saturday on Campus & City Radio 94.4, from 10:00 to 13:00 and follow a certain thread, a style, an era or even a single artist.  What I hope to accomplish is to be able to share at least a glimpse of what music „does“ to somebody. Be it uplifting, melancholic, dreamy or whimsical and funny, I’m certain that many of us are transformed while allowing ourselves to be taken „away“ by the sounds and harmonies of songs, as well as by their succession and fusion.

If the plotline is not clear, that’s because, like any other story, this is also a personal one. I find it even more rewarding when listeners would arrange the tracks differently or choose entirely other songs; I find it downright endearing. The quotes at the beginning and end of each hour are supposed to offer a clue as to what the respective show is „floating“ around.