Bringing Communities into Radio [EurEvalRadio Part 1]

  • Bringing Communities into Radio
55:24 Min.
Rösselmühle - Im rußigen Rössel am Oeversee. Teil 2
35:06 Min.
Rösselmühle - Im rußigen Rössel am Oeversee. Teil 1
57:48 Min.
Schreibwerkstatt Gratwein-Straßengel: "Geschwister Liebe - Auf die Probe gestellt / Augenblicke mit den Eltern..."
49:24 Min.
Schreibwerkstatt Gratwein-Straßengel: "Geschwister Liebe - Die Herkunft"
59:57 Min.
Šum journal and "Models of Extinction"
59:13 Min.
Jahresrückblick Stadtteilzentrum Triester 2021
57:44 Min.
Freiwillige Arbeit [c/o Grazer Soundscapes, STZ Triester]
56:29 Min.
"Heimspiel" - Spielräume erobern und Innenhöfe beleben [c/o SOS Kinderdorf]
36:07 Min.
Freedom of Speech, Repression by Regulations. [c/o Civil Radio, Budapest]
1 Std. 05 Sek.
Die Hände meines Vaters und Gespräche über die Schreiberfahrungen.[c/o Schreibwerkstatt Strassengel]

From the Community Radios perspective it’s a challenge to engage Communties at the Radio. Sounds contradictory?

After many years of radiowork so called Community Radios (Free Radios in german speaking countries) may ask themselves if they are able to engage Communities in their Programme in a large scale? Second big question is if Community Radios provide a ground where Communities can communicate to strengthen their activities, their identities and discuss their diversity.

The rich experiences to answer these questions come from Athlone (Irland), Bradford (England), Novaradio (Italia), Radio Student (Slowenia), Radio Enlace (Spain), COMMIT und Radio Helsinki (Austria).

Interviews from Irena Cvetkovics with Mary Dawson, Shamim Akhtar, Robert Mohoric, Igor Prosic, Martina Dervaric, Helmut Peissl, Walther Moser, Carmen Valencia Lopez, Miriam Vilard, Riccardo Pinzauti.

The broadcast was recorded by Irena Cvetkovics and edited by Walther Moser. Recorded during a week long Meeting in Vienna funded by Erasmus + Project (EurEvalRadio) organized by COMMIT from 18th till 22nd of January 2016.


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