04 Ángela Bermúdez and Irene Gantxegi on historical, literary narratives, and political violence

Stimmen Politischer Philosophie / Voices in Political Philosophy
  • 04 Ángela Bermúdez and Irene Gantxegi on historical, literary narratives, and political violence
38:34 Min.
08 Moussa Bourekba on Violent Radicalization and Terrorism
29:56 Min.
07 Stephan Moebius spricht über die Ideengeschichte gesellschaftskritischer Soziologie
30:22 Min.
06 Debra Benita Shaw speaks about architecture for ideal bodies and the politics of monsters in posturban spaces
41:06 Min.
05 Johanna Rolshoven spricht über politische Anthropologie, Architektur, Mobilität und das Heroische
42:57 Min.
03 David Livingstone Smith speaks about dehumanization, human nature, race and ideology
36:42 Min.
02 Robert Pfaller spricht über Sprachkunst, Witze und Entmündigung
55:27 Min.
01 Elisabeth Holzleithner spricht über Polizeigewalt, Sexarbeit und die Ehe

Ángela Bermúdez is a full-time researcher at the Center for Applied Ethics at the University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain). Strongly committed to a dialog between practice and research, her main project, funded by a Marie Curie Grant (European Union) and by Spencer Foundation (USA), consists of a comparative study of the ways in which history education contributes (or not) to a critical understanding of political violence. She holds a doctorate from Harvard Graduate School of Education (2008) and has also been a consultant for the National Ministry of Education as well as for the Department of Education of Bogotá.

Irene Gantxegi is a lecturer at Begoñako Andra Mari Teacher Training University (Spain). She holds a PhD in International and Intercultural Relations from the University of Deusto (2017) and has been a visiting researcher at the Centre for Narrative Research at the University of East London (UK). In 2016, she obtained a scholarship from the Basque Government to conduct pedagogical literary workshops on the subjects of Peace, Coexistence, and Human Rights. From 2017 to 2018, she worked as a Peace and Citizenship technician at the Basque Youth Council, EGK (2017-2018).

Moderation: Leire Urricelqui Ramos

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