Sustainable Future – Sabina Riss: Feminist Urbanism

  • Interview with Sabina Riss
30:30 Min.
Emerging Fields –Jérémy Waterkeyn and Joachim Boyries: Collectif d’architecture
30:37 Min.
Emerging Fields – Josef Füssl: 3D-Druck mit Biokomposit
1 Std. 25:15 Min.
Versatile Space (s) – Bazon Brock
32:17 Min.
Versatile Space (s) – Materialnomaden
1 Std. 08:29 Min.
Versatile Space (s) – Werner Sobek
31:59 Min.
Sustainable Future – Johannes Zeininger: Alternative Energiesysteme
29:46 Min.
Sustainable Future – Matthew Barnett Howland: The Corkhouse
30:33 Min.
Sustainable Future – Emanuele Naboni
30:46 Min.
Sustainable Future – Der Verein „LIVING FOR FUTURE“

The central theme of the podcast is: What is gender-sensitive and feminist urbanism? Are cities designed for everyone? What is the role of women in urban design? Architect Sabina Riss is an expert in feminist perspective on housing and urban planning, as well as in the professional field of architecture. She is co-author of several scientific studies and lecturer and consultant with a gender focus. In order to comprehend the concept, we go on a journey through the history of urban design and its relation to the contribution of women, as well as urban development and the characteristics that cities should have. Sabina Riss provides us with theoretical background and practical solutions for improvements in planning content and structure. Finally, we get a more personal approach to the subject thanks to various works of hers, as well as her experience as a teacher at the TU Wien.

We broadcast a recording of the interview with the fantastic gender planning expert Sabina Riss. The conversation took place in the frame of the course Emerging Fields in Architecture, TU Vienna (WS 2022/23). Students were investigating the ‚essentials‘ in relation to current and future issues relating to our environment, sustainability and humanity. For this series, they asked researchers, creative people and experts from different disciplines and research fields about the following questions: What kind of future do we want to create? Which role(s) does architecture have in which context? What can / must architecture offer? What can we learn from other disciplines for contemporary architecture? What visions are there and where do they lead? And what can / must be learned from the past for future projects?

Ana Torres Brines and Pedro José Vera Hernández conducted the interview and produced this broadcast as part of the Master course Emerging Fields in Architecture at the Vienna University of Technology.

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Broadcast series focus 2023: Sustainable Future

Architects play a crucial role in shaping our future. Through their concepts and designs, they initiate spatial, social, and technological innovations that can have far-reaching impacts on our coexistence. How we will live in the future is a complex question that engages researchers, creatives, and experts from various disciplines.

As part of the „Emerging Fields in Architecture“ module at TU Wien, numerous experts were interviewed on this topic during the winter semester of 2022/2023. Concrete as well as far-reaching proposals were discussed, and multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary strategies were developed to address current and future design challenges in the context of social change. Architecture has a crucial role to play in addressing global challenges such as climate change and demographic change. Therefore, it is essential that architects have a broad understanding of sustainability, technology, and social issues and incorporate them into their designs. By pursuing an interdisciplinary approach, architects can contribute to shaping a sustainable and future-proof world in which we can all live.

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