What’s going on with the Vastria camp on Lesbos?: A look at the past and the possible futures of migrant detention in Greece.

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  • Vastria Final
35:21 Min.
"We don't need walls, we don't need doors" A look at the decaying rule of law in Turkey.
43:51 Min.
"The prosecution never brings big evidence" A look back at the Moria 35 Trail.
34:48 Min.
Turkey: A safe third country ? Part 2: "It is worse then Prison". The Pre-Removal Centers in Turkey
41:44 Min.
Turkey: A safe third country ? Part 1: "When you increase the control, you also increase the un-comfortability of the population"
36:13 Min.
"It's a little overwhelming sometimes" A portrait of Welcome Office Lesbos in three colours.
52:48 Min.
Locked up for for crossing the sea: Arbitrary Criminalization of Migrants
53:44 Min.
Who is responsible for the Pylos shipwreck? Part 2.
49:23 Min.
Who is responsible for the deaths at Pylos ? Part 1: “Everybody can see that this boat is not going to survive”
42:55 Min.
"He will destroy everything" Reflections on the Greek elections.

In this episode of VC Mytilini, we figure out what is going on with the planned Vastria CCAC (Closed Controlled Access Center) on Lesbos. It is meant to replace the current Marovouni facility that has been in use since Moria burnt down and was intially announced in 2021, but is as of yet still not in use

Located 30 kilometers from Mytilini in a forested area prone to fire it and likely to be outiffted with the latest in electronic surveillance, it presents many challenges to the people who will be forced to stay there.

We will dive into the process that lead to the selection of Platia-Vastria as the location of the new facility, the legal challenges to stop it with the help of Marion and Ozan from Legal Center Lesbos and we will take a look at the new facility on another Greek island, Samos. With the help of Ella from Ihaverights Samos we will try to get an impression of what the Vastria camp will be like by looking at the facility in Samos that openend only 2 years ago and is meant to be the blueprint for migration detention in Greece.

More info on Legal Center Lesbos: https://legalcentrelesvos.org/

More info on Ihaverights: https://ihaverights.eu/

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