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O94SPEZIAL – Feministisches Programm zum 8. März
  • 8M2024_A Cup of Care_Brumadinho
57:00 Min.
Nachbetrachtungen zur "Take Back the Streets" Demo am 8. März
58:04 Min.
"I am not FLINTA enough" / "Ich bin nicht FLINTA genug"
57:27 Min.
Live aus dem Studio und von der Straße
56:10 Min.
Radio-UFF-Redakteurinnen live im Studio
57:40 Min.
Bev&Jenny hören HipHop
27:16 Min.
Globale Dialoge Newscheck
57:53 Min.
... to vomit up all what we have been taught about ourselves (James Baldwin)
26:56 Min.
Feminismus und Friedensaktivismus
27:10 Min.

In conversation with the human rights defender Marina Olivera. Marina Oliveira knows the perspective of those affected by mining. Since the catastrophic breach of the retention dam near her home town of Brumadinho in 2019, in which 272 people lost their lives, she has been campaigning for the rights of those affected. The analysis of cases in which communities are violated by mining companies has shown us that women are the segment that suffers most severely from the impacts caused by the sector.
There are many examples of violations that fall on them, originating from the actions of mining companies, such as: harassment by mine workers and outsourced companies working on repair works, etc. the growth of prostitution and, consequently, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and physical violence. However, despite being a segment that suffers greatly from mining violations, women have also been articulate and have taken the lead in various experiences of resistance, as we can clearly see in Brumadinho, with many of them taking on leading and prominent positions in their communities and in organizations working to defend human rights and against the mining model currently underway in the Paraopeba Valley.

Eine Sendung von A Cup of Care.

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