Scratch it! by Jesus Cabrera Hernandez at the Ars Electronica Festival 2009

  • Scratch it! by Jesus Cabrera Hernandez at the Ars Electronica Festival 2009
11:12 Min.
Kundgebung und Gebet für die Ukraine
50:11 Min.
Jahrestag des russischen Angriffs auf die Ukraine
59:50 Min.
Demo und Filme zum 8. März
24:44 Min.
Feministischer Kampftag in Linz 2024
29:48 Min.
female tracks 2024
50:00 Min.
Stunde der Wintervögel 2024 | Klimaschutz in Linz
50:09 Min.
Demokratie verteidigen
33:06 Min.
Politischer Aschermittwoch in Wels mit Filmemacher Kurt Langbein
14:59 Min.
Kundgebung "Demokratie Verteidigen" am Linzer Hauptplatz
50:00 Min.
Weltempfänger: Laura Maria Caterina Bassi

This project aspires to question the structure of media, globalization and the individual perception of Art and Society on two sides of the world. A series of interviews and footage on the theme of Information, Media Art and Society will being recorded in Cuba, a country with an environment in which the access to the media is limited. This footage will be projected in Linz, Austria during the Ars Electronica Festival, bringing to this event the points of view on art, technology, information and society that Cuban citizens have.

This is an attempt to reflect on the meaning of these terms in different societies. A screen will be made and covered with a silver rub-off surface. As people scratch part of it they uncover the projection of the Cuban footage. The metaphor of the necessity to deconstruct the information that the media transmit to us will be reflected—with the interaction of different users the big picture can be revealed. A separation between the two worlds will be made and the necessity of simple approaches to complex subjects. Theidea of global human nature is countered with the answer of coming back to a simple natural interface, like scratching a surface with our hands and a coin, claiming as a metaphor to understand and deconstruct broad concepts like information art and society.

Jesus Cabrera Hernandez is one of last years graduate students form the Interface Culture Master Studies at The Art University of Linz.

Simone Boria interviewed the artists at the Ars Electronica Festival 2009, the opening of „The Royal Masquerade Ball“

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