Innuenedo 2019: „Das leise Sterben“

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“Das leise Sterben” (The silent dying), dr. Martin Grassberger’s latest book, was presented in front of our readers in the Library of the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, on October the 16th, as part of the yearly “Austria Reads”, as well as the larger “Blätterwirbel” (PagesSwirl) events.

The book proved to be but a doorway into the labyrinthian and yet perfectly logical connection between the unsustainable destruction of nature and ultimately our own bio-psychological metamorphosis. It is, indeed, difficult to conceive a relationship between, say, the diversity of our bacteria, and a healthy intrauterine development, that, in turn, is key in the progression of non-communicable diseases, for which there is little if any therapy. Even though rarely visible to the naked eye, the transformation around and within us has been riding along with our civilization all along. One must look no further than their own back yard to notice the effects of long-time use of heavy machinery on soil, and then realize that the next “Dust Bowl” could sweep some community or other.

Far from being terrifying or unexpected, the evening enriched us with a wider perspective of the network of organisms, substances and practices that make up our surroundings, and it left us with the task of finding our own means and approaches in order to enrich, in our turn, the big picture.

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