Innuendo 14_2015: Running away in circles

  • Innuendo14_2015
59:22 Min.
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Innuendo 11_2015: Sing! Sing! Sing!

Just like daydreaming, reading a good book, watching a suspenseful movie or immersing yourself in a challenging computer game, are all so called forms of „escapism“. Who hasn’t ever wished to just let all the reality melt and run away from the banalities and stressful events from our lives, even if just for a little while? While most still consider escapism a negative endeavour, it can be argued, as I’m trying to in this edition of Innuendo, that it can also be a very creative and even reinforcing attitude, in the right „dose“; not to mention that fantasy, a primordial feature of the human (and, some might say, not only!) psychological build, is the one that gave us so much wonderful literature, mythologies and even religious thought. And we can not mention fantasy and imagination without bowing our heads to the great history of arts and music. That’s why I’ve peppered my monologue with Chet Baker, Melanie Safka, Daphné, Gregory Page, as well as „Talia’s Song“ from the PC game „Game of Thrones“.

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