Innuendo 2021: Woman’s Day

  • Innuendo 2021: Woman's Day
59:22 Min.
Innuendo: Special Ukraine Edition
1 Std. 26:55 Min.
Innuenedo 2019: "Das leise Sterben"
1 Std. 57:52 Min.
Innuendo 2_2016: Innuendo
56:37 Min.
Innuendo 1_2016: "J'aime la France"
58:56 Min.
Innuendo 15_2015: Interview with Dan Meisner, Head of Open Data at Thompson & Reuters
55:59 Min.
Innuendo 14_2015: Running away in circles
1 Std. 02:02 Min.
Innuendo 13_2015: "The social worker as fighter", an interview with Kevin Brown
1 Std. 05:55 Min.
Innuendo 12_2015: "History re-tweets itself"
48:49 Min.
Innuendo 11_2015: Sing! Sing! Sing!

It was about time, too, that I had a serious talk with myself about my role-models and why and how they influenced my growing-up. I know, it’s an arbitrary decision to do that on March 8th specifically, nonetheless it’s still a day like „any other“, so why not? In the spirit of honesty with my own self, I had to begin with my mom, who’s truly great, in the sense of humor, intelligence, creativity and loveliness in general. Weren’t it for my mom, I wouldn’t have, probably, been able or safe enough to choose the most non-conform and outspoken women as humans to look up to after all. Along came Twin Peaks, with Audrey Horn and her sensual dances around that jukebox, and around the corner came Northern Exposure and Maggie-the-pilot, building her own Cesna-like plane throughout the series. Naturally, with Friends and Seinfeld and Sex and the City, there was plenty to choose from, as things became more and more real.

There are some „quotes“ from the actresses‘ mouths themselves and, naturally, plenty of music sung and composed by great women, indeed, such as Joni Mitchell or Melanie or Minnie Riperton and her melting ice cream. The fact that all the people, actors and singer/songwriters alike in this show are pretty outspoken, if not edgy, is not a coincience. I find that self-trust and all-time-honesty help a lot in finding yourself to be, one day, your role model.

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