Innuendo 2_2016: Innuendo

  • Innuendo_2_2016
59:22 Min.
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58:26 Min.
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1 Std. 26:55 Min.
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1 Std. 05:55 Min.
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48:49 Min.
Innuendo 11_2015: Sing! Sing! Sing!

Breaking up is hard to do, as Neil  Sedaka sings in this very last Innuendo show, but sometimes you simply have to call it quits and hope to reappear in some other shape or form, or „Rise again“, as Karen O also sings this time. In this 2 hour special I try to explain, at large, far and by, the concept of „Innuendo“, or at least what it means to yours truly. Starting with one of the earliest and, I still think, best „western“ songs to have ever heard as a young communist child, Queen’s idea of „innuendo“, so graphically and organically explained through the lyrics and the music video, I came to realize that this „static“ is every-where and every-when, at least in our, oh-small-and-pitiful, human world. The Innuendo series was supposed, and I hope managed, to show a more „calming“ light on the „abnormalities“ that we think we are witnessing day in and day out. In the big picture, they are not so abnormal after all, if the very walls of Pompeii, filled with graffiti-yes, but mostly gossip and trolling on the „threads“, have anything to teach us; the bright side of it all being exactly that: that it’s happened before, that we have gone through it and managed somehow to better ourselves, sooner or later; that we can smile at silly jokes and still listen to good music, no matter what 😉

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